We invest in food against poverty

by providing growth capital to local food companies in Africa and Asia
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Creating a Plus for all
We target benefits for staff, suppliers, natural environment, local community and capital provider.
GAC fruit
Entrepreneurs supporting Entrepreneurs
We connect entrepreneurs as part of our business growth support
Sustainable food systems against climate change
Improving soil, water, biodiversity, animal welfare, while reducing emissions

Socially-dedicated entrepreneurs are engines of economic development and drive social change. We help them grow.

We support local socially-dedicated entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia


We offer long-term growth capital designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business.


Through connecting entrepreneurs we provide expertise, knowledge and hands-on assistance.


We improve working conditions, gender equality, farmer incomes, healthy diets, and climate change.

Creating a Plus for all

All entrepreneurs we support run businesses that create jobs with decent wages and fair income for suppliers while at the same time their products and services benefit communities and the natural environment: a plus for all.

Our team is driven to make a change

Plusforall is managed by a highly motivated team with mixed skills and extensive experience, supported by two high-quality external strategic advisors. All team members share a passion for entrepreneurship. 

Join our community of driven entrepreneurs
and social investors with an active mindset looking for
more than money.