About us

Plusforall is an innovative impact fund established to reduce poverty through investing in local enterprises in Africa & Asia. 

Why Plusforall

Reducing poverty

Plusforall has the mission to reduce poverty in developing countries.

While poverty has decreased globally, fragile communities continue to lag behind in development. For these communities to flourish, economic development is essential. 

It is our conviction is that socially dedicated entrepreneurs can make a change and play a vital role in achieving sustainable, large scale, economic development and can create a positive impact for staff, suppliers, society and planet. However, we recognize that businesses need to be viable and grow to create long-term social impact. This is why we support locally owned businesses and encourage entrepreneurship in less-developed areas of the globe.


Bridging the finance gap

SMEs are the economic motor of practically every economy in the world. They constitute the largest employer in any given economy, create the most jobs (accounting for more than 50% of existing jobs) and deliver essential products to underserved populations. Despite their economic importance, SMEs remain significantly underserved by financial institutions because of their small size and high-risk profile. Especially in Africa and Asia, SMEs lack access to the capital required to grow. Impact venture capital funds are an alternative source of capital for SMEs in developing markets. However, these funds often focus on ”gazelles”; fast-growing, tech-driven start-up companies with high exit potential. Most funds neglect the bulk of the businesses with high growth potential in more traditional sectors.

Our values


We demonstrate courage and have an entrepreneurial spirit; we are positive, flexible, open-minded, and quick to spot opportunities. We dare to break with some of the rules applied by mainstream impact investors. We take carefully considered, high financial risks to realize our impact ambitions.


We are caring, warm, and have trusting personal relationships with stakeholders. We are flexible and provide unique financial solutions tailored to the context of the local businesses. We appreciate diversity in our team, our portfolio and in our wider community. ​


We are transparent, open and responsible about our work. We carefully evaluate the information we receive.We value integrity, ethics, and fairness, and manage expectations properly. We are committed to achieving positive social value, but we are realistic and frank about the scale of our work. We accept financial returns somewhat lower than market returns as the price of creating social value.


We stand for fairness, equity and proportionality. We respect businesses as integrated parts of wider ecosystems consisting of local workforces, suppliers, consumers, societies, the natural environment and capital providers. We do not promote profits for one stakeholder at the expense of the other actors involved. We take a holistic view and balance the financial, social and environmental impact and returns.

Our drive

It is inspiring to see that entrepreneurs everywhere around the globe struggle with similar challenges as I do. Sharing experiences and providing support is what drives me.

Dick Haan, Dutch entrepreneur & Managing Director Plusforall

Our story

Plusforall is an initiative of Inclusive Impact Investments bv (or Triple I). Triple I will manage the investments for Plusforall fund. We are not a traditional impact investor. Actually, we do not like to call ourselves “investors” since we do not want to be associated with those who commit capital purely with the expectation of receiving financial returns. We are much more than that. In fact, we are a international team of enthusiastic professionals who share the passion for entrepreneurship. You might not know us, because we do not promote our work through advertisement or tv commercials. We do not spend money on fundraising and do not want to be a story telling machine.

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