Plusforall is an initiative of Inclusive Impact Investments bv (or Triple I). Triple I will manage the investments for the Plusforall fund. We are not a traditional impact investor. In fact, we do not like to call ourselves “investors”, since we prefer not to be associated with those who commit capital purely with the expectation of receiving financial returns. We are much more than that: an international team of enthusiastic professionals who share a passion for entrepreneurship. You might not know us, because we do not promote our work through advertisements or tv commercials. We do not spend money on fundraising and do not seek to be a story-telling machine.

In 2014 we started our company with the philosophy that the entrepreneurial spirit of driven, positive and socially-dedicated entrepreneurs can drive change and play a vital role in reducing poverty. We established and managed a small private fund targeting entrepreneurs who were creating a positive social impact on the community with their businesses. The fund gradually increased its outstanding investments up to €2 million with no defaults, the accumulated turnover of investees reached €18 million in 2019, and 6510 households have benefitted directly or indirectly through job creation, additional incomes, demand for agriculture products, and improved working conditions. 

Our mission is to reduce the high poverty rates Africa and Asia are facing. At the same time, driven local entrepreneurs have limited access to capital to grow their business ideas and scale their positive contribution to local employment, income security, sustainable agriculture, and availability of products that meet the needs of people living in poverty. Therefore, we decided to become active in these underserved markets and started to support local entrepreneurship in Uganda, Nigeria and Vietnam. Since our inception, we have appointed good team members, entered into partnerships with local actors and built entrepreneur networks in these countries.
We support businesses with high-risk growth capital tailored to the needs of the entrepreneurs. Compared to most impact investors, we target lower financial returns more in proportion to the cash flow developments to leave room for other stakeholders to also share in the growth. We have personal relationship with each entrepreneur, and if needed, we use our network and do all we can to realize our joint dream to fight poverty. 

We hope to inspire entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and support each other in creating fair benefits for all stakeholders and think beyond financial returns!