Plusforall is managed by a highly motivated team with mixed skills and extensive experience, supported by two high-quality external strategic advisors and a dedicated Investment Committee. From 3 regional hubs, the team will serve local SMEs. The team members have a deep understanding of the context-specific challenges, allowing for competent design of need-based products and hands-on support. The team believes having fun is crucial to success!

Management team

Dick (website)

Dick Haan

Managing Director

A driven social investor with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Dick started his own company in 1999, and it is now one of the leading global distributors of waxes. He is the investor and/or managing director of several successful companies, including Alpha Wax, Social Impact Ventures and Follow the Money.

Bram (website)

Bram Boogaerdt 't Hooft

Finance & Investment Director

A passionate impact investor with 20+ years of experience in SME financing. He has specific expertise in international investments, Bram has worked for NIBC, FMO, Deutsche Bank and Oxfam Novib. He is experienced in multiple sectors and has invested in numerous SMEs in 20+ countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Sytske (website)

Sytske Groenewald

Impact & Operations Director

Eager to make a change, Sytske has worked 10+ years in the Dutch non-profit sector. She conducted a study (Ph.D.) on livelihood adaptation of smallholder farmers, and she has in-depth experience with impact measurement of microfinance and SMEs. She completed Expert in SME Finance Course at the Frankfurt Schule.

Tracy Musiimenta (website)

Tracy Musiimenta

Investment Manager East Africa

A development economist (University of Manchester), passionate about SME development and finance in developing markets, Tracy’s experience spans various sectors, including agribusiness, renewable energy, WASH and FMCG. She previously worked for Open Capital Uganda, and has also worked in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Tau klein

Tau van Ngo

Investment Manager South East Asia

A driven professional specialized in SME investing, management consulting and sustainability. He worked15+ years on operational improvements and business excellence projects for Accenture and EFESO. In 2007 he was investment manager for Intereffekt Frontier Vietnam Fund. From 2016 on he has set up and run companies in Vietnam.

Kunle (website)

Kunle Iludiran

Investment Manager West Africa

Kunle is an experienced professional with over 12 years of experience in (impact) investing in several sectors. Prior to joining Plusforall, he led the investment team at Sahel Capital. Kunle has also worked with Alitheia Capital and Asset & Resource Management Holding Company (ARM) in NIgeria.

Investment Committee

Paul wolff (2)

Paul Wolff


Paul has a long-standing career in fund management and impact investing in emerging markets in his work for FMO and NIB Capital. His expertise is in labour rights and corporate governance of SMEs. He worked 5 years for ILO in Burkina Faso. Currently, he is working as a mentor/coach for entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Lindy for PlusforAll (002)

Lindy van Vliet

General member

Lindy is Global Manager of Health Unit at KIT/Royal Tropical Institute. She has an impressive career in social development, having worked for international and local NGOs managing programs aimed at business development, impact investing, education and health. She was founder of the SME impact fund of Oxfam Novib.

guido website)

Guido Boysen

General member

Guido is a driven impact investor with 25 years of experience in fund management, corporate and SME finance and development. He is former CEO of GroFin. He worked for Accenture and FMO and before joining GroFin. He has served at various boards of private equity funds and local financial institutions, mostly in Africa.

External Strategic Advisors

eelco (website)

Eelco Benink

Strategic advisor

Eelco is an impact investment expert with 15 years of global experience in investment fund management. In the past few years, he has been engaged as an independent advisor or member of investment committee by a broad range of clients such as The World Bank, the ADB, GroFin, SEAF (USA), the European Investment Bank (EIB), Gartner Belgium, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF), KPMG Kenya, Kinyeti (South Sudan), Social Impact Fund Rotterdam (Netherlands), and the SME Impact Fund (Tanzania).


Tom Gibson

Strategic advisor

For the past 25 years, Tom has been engaged in designing, establishing, and managing risk capital funds targeting SMEs in developing countries. He is a co-founder of Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF). As a consultant, he advised numerous development agencies, financial institutions and private managers of SME funds such as World Bank, IFC, USAID, AsDB, the Small Industries Development Bank of India, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, and the governments of Bolivia, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kuwait, Malaysia, Namibia, and Zambia.